Combining activities in art, ecology, and philosophy, RiverCubes Projects engage community groups in volunteer work that yields a first hand acquaintance with issues of water quality, solid waste management, and urban human ecology - vital to the health and welfare of biotic communities on which we depend and of which we are a part.

Results of efforts endure through the installation of cubes in proximity to their collection sites, social lecture performance events, and ongoing initiatives.  Conceived as ecoventions, RiverCubes projects have as their goal an improvement of ecological health.  As such, teaching “at large” and public education are important tools in creating change.  Awareness links to change through advocacy.  The r’cubes themselves are advocates for our welfare and speak to needs we know not yet how to fill.  With faith that squarely facing problems will frame solutions yet to be seen, RiverCubes point to yet to be invented methods and means for improving the health of our culture.  Water, earth, and air are abused elements in our culture, and if we aim to improve the health of our culture, we must heed the call of their necessity…  Creatively harvesting waste streams begins to ameliorate our industrial legacy.  And begins to render ‘waste’ the cultural flester it wants to become…


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